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We are dedicated to the field of Online Marketing and use our expertise and experience to help small and large businesses create a successful online presence.

Website Copywriting (Content is KING)

Content is the fuel that drives traffic online, and this has become clearer since the world has jumped on the internet bandwagon. Web content writing is a form of copywriting and this is only one of many forms of writing today. The sector is filled with writing services however a professional writer is what you need and that is because nearly 1,000,000 web sites emerge on the Internet every month. Just a select few take the spotlight when it comes to search engines and the rest get lost. Why? Their content does not empower them. Informative, well-structured, search engine friendly text guarantees high web positioning, more traffic, and more clients. So, one major key to your online success is quality content. Professionally written web content increases your sales up to 30%.

A professional writer is the solution, and that is after analyzing your goals, we create content that informs, educates, entertains, and stimulates perspective clients to patronize your site. Thanks to our diverse experience in content writing, we can handle projects of all sizes and types. Web content writing has rules and structures that our writers adhere to without compromising the quality of the content or its value for your customers. Turning a group of keywords and a title into a masterpiece that is why we value quality over quantity and every copywriter we have is a professional writer of the highest caliber. That is just one of many of the writing services we offer that are related to the web.

SEO Copywriting

Owners of the online businesses would like to bring their sites to Top 10 in search engines. But how? Using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and knowing which techniques, when and where to use them. Although, there is no magic bullet for getting into the Top 10 and staying there, expert SEO copy-writing makes your site stand out to search engines and visitors alike. The selection and proper application of keywords requires experience and expertise. The right copy is a winning combination for both you and your customers. Copywriting is done with the outmost care and is always linked to SEO directly without any compromises.

Rank Higher and Increase Website Traffic

Unlike other companies, IMC doesn't just stuff your text with keywords. We work to understand your search engine goals and your target audience so that your copy is persuasive, powerful and concise: and search engine friendly. Website writing is needed with reference to SEO to create the maximum impact on your website.

SEO Optimized Text:

  • Appeals to search engines and your visitors - It achieves your goals in search engine positioning. Besides it motivates the visitor to stay longer on your site and what's more important to buy from you.
  • Has optimal keyword density.
  • Is neither too long nor too short - it's just right. We will not bore your visitors with unnecessary details, but we will say enough to convince them to order your services\products.

How do we create web content

  • Research your market in relation to your products and services.
  • Develop the optimal strategy to sell your products and services online.
  • Create unique and effective content based on the results of our research.
  • Create landing pages with high conversion rates

Tell us your vision of your project and we will make it happen. Control the whole process by close interactions with your copywriter, and your remarks, ideas and opinions are of immense assistance to our writers as they work with you to achieve the best results.