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We are dedicated to the field of Online Marketing and use our expertise and experience to help small and large businesses create a successful online presence.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

At IMC search engine optimization is an art we master, through our qualified team. The seo service is relatively new due to the digital age of marketing. In addition to standard search engine optimization services like detailed Keyword Research, web site assessments and SEO Recommendations, IMC is also adroit in Competitive Analysis, broken links analysis, XML site maps, HTML coding and programming, securing highly qualified and relevant links for Link Popularity and in-depth reporting analysis. In addition to our SEO Packages, we can provide Social Media Optimization services like content distribution and placement, SEO of press releases and blog or online video consultation in support of your SEO objectives. We also have a growing expertise in International SEO.

Of the online population 92% visits a search engine, portal or community site every month* and top search engine rankings can generate up to 900% more traffic to a site translating to up to 80% more in sales. Can your site afford not to be found in search engines?

With major search engines growing and changing literally daily, you benefit from an experienced and dedicated seo company who understands the most current organic optimization and paid search campaign management techniques. If your site is not listed in the top 2 pages of a search engine, chances are you are missing out on traffic, visitors and sales. The search optimization process has become more and more necessary because of the growing online community.

Search Engine Optimization Can

  • Drive more qualified traffic
  • Increase leads and sales
  • Maximize brand visibility
  • Give your site a competitive advantage
  • Become a cost effective addition to your strategic online marketing plan

The Search Optimization Process

Search engine optimization is a complex endeavor, and there are no quick and easy ways to garner long term top positions in the search engine results pages. You can rely on our professional knowledge, best practices, skills and tools along with our careful attention and creative insight to assist you in improving your search rankings. Our SEO Specialists spend a significant amount of time researching search engine updates and changes, developing new approaches and techniques and attending national conferences to ensure we have our finger on the pulse of the search engine industry. We track multiple client’s sites across the major search engine players, we notice trends and are able to cater our recommendations based on the most current happenings in the various search algorithms used to determine the ranking of your site.

Our SEO Services From IMC Include

  • Discovery – to understand your positioning points and objectives;
  • Keyword Research And Selection – identifying the best keywords to use for your search engine optimization given your products or services, your target audience, your points of differentiation and your competition;
  • Keyword Rankings – securing your search engine rankings prior to SEO and then tracking them over time;
  • Quarterly SEO Recommendation Reports – specific instructions on how to improve your web site in order to achieve better search engine rankings;
  • Auditing – To ensure our recommendations have been implemented and done so correctly;
  • Manual Submissions – to search engines and search directories.

We'd rather not take on a job if we can't do the job right.

Client Testimonials

Our search engine optimization clients testify to our expertise. Read what our clients say about our SEO Services and proven results. When our clients rave, "I think you guys are amazing," we know we're accomplishing our objectives.

We are the go to SEO Company in Jordan and MENA region, providing comprehensive campaign management, understanding your business objectives and help you track measurable outcomes from your Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization campaigns.

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