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We are dedicated to the field of Online Marketing and use our expertise and experience to help small and large businesses create a successful online presence.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Services

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough. - Albert Einstein

IMC has set a benchmark in its services, and by that we mean we aren’t a sem company alone and we are a well-rounded marketing company both online and offline, offering sem services, seo or anything related to internet marketing. Our sem service is as science based as our seo using knowledge and experience and remaining up to date on modern search engine marketing (SEM) methods and tools not forgetting the creative part of the mix, from talent to design, all depending on product and service.

It is all about increasing your web site's visibility within the search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), one facet of SEM (the other is Paid Keyword Campaigns or "PPC", one more is “CPC” that indicates measurement of cost on a per-click basis for contracts not based on click-throughs.), is the process of consistently fine-tuning your web site's components in order to improve its natural organic search engine rankings. Understanding these definitions and much more to create the best results on the online platform, and that is the IMC way, where jargon of ppc, cpc is something you don’t have to burden yourself with, and we will explain it to you, should this seem complicated. We’re not your traditional marketing company and we certainly are not a sem company, we understand your needs as a business and we understand the market because that’s what marketing companies do, and we do it best.

We look for the best sem solutions for Internet marketing methods that focus on purchasing ads which appear on the result pages of search engines such as Google. Many search engines offer ways for individuals or businesses to purchase ads, which typically appear above or to the right of the content on the search result pages. Typically, the higher the fee one offers to pay for an ad, the higher the ad will appear on the page, depending upon how much competition there is to appear on that page. Depending upon the agreement, one may pay a flat fee for a given length of time, or may pay a given fee for each click that they receive to their ad.

This is IMC across the MENA region and to a global level is what aim for in the future, as we know why we’re in business, even if it is just search engine marketing (SEM), it isn’t that simple for us, we take pride in our even if it is built on science and a knowledge base. Whether your concern is ppc, cpc or whatever it maybe, you can contact us directly or any of our specialist today to inquire about or sem services or sem solutions and at the end of it all we would like to remind you that we aren’t just a sem company we’re much more than that.