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Spectrum of Multimedia Services

The name itself indicates that it's a media combining of Text, Graphics images, video and audio. Multimedia is divided into two major categories such as linear and non-linear. Linear active content doesn't need any type of navigation control for the viewer. E.G. cinema presentation. This in short is what multimedia is, but at IMC the word multimedia means a lot more and our multimedia services extend beyond your imagination because we think outside the box and our experience speaks loudly as calm seas never make a skillful sailor, and because of that we stand out in the region, and amongst our competition through our unique approach to problem solving in the digital marketing age.

Non-linear content offers user interactivity to control process used in a computer game or in computer based training. Presentations can be live or recorded. A recorded presentation may allow interactivity via a navigation system. A live presentation may allow interactivity via an interaction with the presenter.

Used in various applications and in various areas including advertisements, art, education, entertainment, engineering, medicine, mathematics, finance, business, scientific research and spatial temporal applications.

Widely used also for CD presentation which is the combination of, 2D/3D animation graphics, text contents, voiceovers i.e. Audio/visual content. Multimedia is also used for animated character creation, flash games. Corporate CD presentations and product CD presentations are every company's requirement. Corporate presentations and product presentations are also examples of its applications.

IMC isn’t your average multimedia agency and it isn’t only a multimedia company either, it is a creative machine built on science to create multimedia design that is friendly to the eyes and ears producing a master piece in the marketing platform.

Multimedia Services Provided by IMC

The best service provider for Multimedia applications in the region, and we cover all the multimedia applications and its services under one roof.

Multimedia applications and services provided by IMC are:

  • Corporate Presentations
  • Product Presentations
  • Internet Marketing
  • 2D/3D Character Animation
  • Audio / Video Editing
  • Voice over Recordings
  • Mobile animations
  • Mobile Games
  • Flash Animations

Multimedia Integration

Our lists of services work in harmony with your needs, taken each one on its own or together as a package, all you have to do is approach us so we can explain to you how we do it. Multimedia applications and services work alongside each other to produce astonishing results that meet your needs. Competition in the market is intense and we understand that, it takes content and design along with a great idea to create the utopian result desired. Knowledge and experience is our back bone, and the talent and content is what completes our picture, we don’t function with one without the other to produce the results you desire. We have you in mind, and because of our years in the field and our known clients, rarely do you have to tell us what the desire result is, but rather we take action to create it, through the understanding of your business and clients.