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Digital Marketing Methods

Marketing is the corner stone of any business, even if it has gone digital. A marketing plan is necessary with the marketing research, and to add that out of all the businesses studies, this is the most exciting hands down, those who study it, enjoy it and they aspire to work in it as well, because it is the creative department, the idea generation comes from there and the fact that working in such a field teaches you to understand consumer behavior.
Always strategic
Marketing strategy is essential, usually long-term marketing is used for reaping profits on reputation and loyalty based, and short-term is usually used for emptying the shelves or when the older stock needs to move out and that is usually used by clothes outlets, and car dealers. In long-term marketing there is always an example that strikes me every time I talk about it, and it is Toyota, in the late 1900’s Toyota got in the American market, and they were literally begging for dealers in and out of the states, and pushing the product to the consumers seemed impossible, so they devised a marketing strategy, firstly the cars were cheaper than American cars, and were more efficient in fuel consumption, and this was necessary because the world had fell into a rise in fuel prices, they were also relatively smaller and as traffic was an increasing problem they were better to own for the city.
But Toyota saw beyond this, and their strategy was to sell the old generation, the parents, and by doing that children grew in households with parents owning Japanese cars and that would automatically create second generation loyalty, today Toyota had topped its car sales for numerous years, and now you can’t just become a Toyota dealer because it’s very expensive to get your hands on one, and Toyota won’t just allow to become their dealer, since they’re today one of the biggest manufacturers in the industry.
WWW Marketing
The only thing that changed today is that marketing online has become the new trend, and not to be undermined, at the end of the day marketing remains marketing whether online or off.
With the evolution of internet and its uses we have today digital marketing and to simplify what that means, some of the digital marketing methods include web searches or opening an email, text message or web feed. Websites, blogs and streaming media (audio and video) are examples of digital marketing.
Marketers are experts on one topic in particular and that is people, and their job entails them to get the message out right so that the customer comes walking through your door, asking for your product or service. Always pay more for marketing in the right hands, at the end of the day it shouldn’t be undermined, and done properly it brands you, your company, product or service.