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We are dedicated to the field of Online Marketing and use our expertise and experience to help small and large businesses create a successful online presence.

IMC’s Offline - Online Advertisement

Even though we had entered the digital age with online advertising, the fact remains that the need for offline ads, are of no less importance and the coverage and need for products, brands and companies to be offline gives coverage and still creates an impact. The strategies vary in marketing offline and it all comes down to the differences in the market targeted and the desired end results.

Business advertising is necessary nowadays online/offline, as the consumers are all over the place, where location and timing is the variable factor in the mix, as the audience changes depending on the product or service being marketed. At the end of the day IMC-Digital is an advertising agency and the pride in work is no less in our offline work as it is in our online, we have the best talent and expertise within our design team to create the best possible impact and send the message in the most creative way possible.

Print Advertising

As an advertising company with a reputation of digital advertising we don’t undermine the value of print advertising or regard it as an outdated media. Advertising marketing is the primary mover in creating recognizable brands, even those that have start-ups based online tend to go to the offline advertisement savior from time to time, to remind people that they exist in the hopes of expanding the market. Traditional marketing is far from disappearing or going extinct, but that doesn’t mean it’s useless but rather not used as efficiently or effectively as desired due to the shift to the online community. We use tracking and response analysis software to demonstrate that print still has a key role to play in your advertising campaigns, especially when we can buy it for you at the best possible prices.

Your offline press campaigns work best when they are integrated with your digital activity. At Conrad, our press teams sit next to our Digital teams making cross-platform integration and communication a reality.
As an advertiser, your choices can be confusing. Press or Magazines? National or Regional? Display or Classified? Color or Mono? Weekday or Weekend? We help you to choose the best methods that are n sync to the online advertising campaigns to get the best results as they work together to create magical results.

Email marketing

Business advertising can be done through e-mail marketing in order to keep in touch with your customers and promote your services. IMC offers email marketing services complete with campaign designs. We can help you build long term relationships through better communication with your customers. Just imagine if you could ensure that every communication with your customer was relevant, timely, and legally compliant and brand appropriate.

IMC Digital Advertising in brief

The methodologies vary in terms of choice and no other advertising agency provides a well-rounded set of options without compromising quality of work, and meeting deadlines, along with creating the most impact all in one place. This is IMC-Digital advertising “offline/online”, our work remains to speak louder than our words.