Google Plus Vanity

Unlike other social networking services, Google+ doesn't let you create your own personal URL. If you are on Google+?

A year and a half ago, when Google+ was launched, you probably heard this question several times a day.

The youngest sibling in the social media family has since then accumulated over 200 million active users, and is doing its best to remain relevant and innovative in this harsh and competitive arena.

One thing that’s still missing from Google+ are vanity URLs. Vanity URLs are personalized URLs that usually include a username, company name or group name in the URL itself.

Social media giants like Facebook and Twitter already support vanity URLs, so you can, for example:

Try to search for “IMCDigital” on Facebook at
facebook url

or on Twitter at

twitter vanity url

Similarly, you can probably find your own accounts by going to or

If you try to do the same with Google+, it won’t work. For example, my own Google+ profile sits comfortably at

And if I want to share it or print it on a business card, this is what I have to use. Memorable, right?
google plus url

But wait, you say, how come Mashable’s Google+ page is

mashable vanity url

Good question! Google did introduce vanity URLs to Google+ about 6 months ago, but these are reserved for businesses and users with a large number of followers. If you’re a regular user, you have to settle for an undecipherable code.

For example: Mashable has about 2 Million followers on their G+ page, and a sign of a shield or a trusted page.

In this case after considering your page as trusted, and having the huge amount of followers, google will directly give you the option to adjust your vanity URL for your page to be branded.

To make it easier to share your Google+ profile, all you need is a short, catchy, and memorable URL, because you won’t be able to get one at as of now. You can get it on one of the many different services that offer Google+ vanity URLs on their own domains, such as: allows you to shorten your long URL and give you statistics for how many people have clicked on it.

There is also websites other than google that helps you shorten your URL, such as:

This will make your website’s, or brand’s URl to be easier for people to use even for you if you’re welling to put it on your own business card.