Site Traffic

Since the boom of the internet and site traffic was the main source of income for websites, and with the rise of dot com era, website ranking came about. Traffic is sought through information and content, or the trade of a good or service or both, if the website is commercial. To bring traffic to a site, one has to be quite creative, because it takes seconds for the user to decide whether he wants to remain on your website or leave, also websites have to be adjusted to meet different platforms and sizes, from computers to smart phones and sometimes they can be tested to specific browsers, since the choice between browsers is increasing.

site traffic

At the beginning of the dot com business it was easy to present something useful and unique, since very few could actually master building and running a website, however with the increase in competition and the advancement in online technology, it has become a lot easier for people to get into the business of websites. Site traffic can be increased today using new terms such as (SEM) Search Engine Marketing and (SEO) Search Engine Optimization along with the assistance of modern marketing methods done through the social networks. With the increase of traffic to a website you make more money, by selling goods or services or both or through the information presented and that brings us to a complicated process of you getting paid through the clicks you get or (PPC) Pay Per Click. The review by users and hits put together establish the website ranking and the higher it is ranked the more popular the website tends to be and that is relative to country as well.

IMC – Digital & Websites

IMC – Digital has both the talent and the experience to drive site traffic up and increase the website ranking through a team that can cover everything from design, development, SEO, SEM and content. Regardless of your needs and your target audience and whatever the purpose of your website, whether it is content driven or a commercial site, it is our job to increase traffic to a website, any website, and it could be yours.

We don’t take up a lot of clients at IMC – Digital, but prefer to perfect our work and meet deadlines with the clients that we do decide to take up. All our division work in harmony to increase traffic to a website, this story of experience can be projected through our clients testimonies and our professional staff that can put you on the right track, regardless of what phase your website is on and increase its ranking and thereby increasing your income, with the fast pace that the web is changing you need to be in the right hands to turn your website into a hit and increase site traffic.