Video Marketing & Advertising

People are reading less and less, and that is why more and more videos are being produced, and marketing agencies are focusing on media marketing. This aspect of making videos may seem easy, but a good ad makes the difference between grabbing the attention of a potential client or customer or not. Whether they are animated 2D or 3D or a simple video, and these advertisements are expensive to promote, and to produce, usually a decent ad can last as long as 30 seconds only.

Always feed the eyes

Video marketing is essential, because today people want something brief and quick, and it has to be an attention grabber, and to give you an example of an ad that took off and was fun to watch, one was Nando’s “Last Dictator Standing” and the second was Mercedes-Benz’s “Blue Efficiency” ad. Video advertising is exciting, because it presents a challenge to send a brief and entertaining message to the point in portions like I said earlier, as long as 30 seconds. Video services vary depending on type of video, and animated videos tend to be, way more expensive than the regular types, they take time and talent to produce, every video starts with an idea, and then a phrase, and punch lines, followed by a scenario, and that is usually done on a storyboard, and the scenes are sketched before they’re taken into the production room. Usually there are departments completely working on it, and their job is to be creative and good ads do bring in clients, but great ads generate loyal customers, if you can explain to customers “why” they should buy your product or service. The other aspect of video advertising is telling a story, that your customer to relate to, depending on their demography. Today’s online video streaming availability increases the importance of video for business, and highlights the need for video advertising, if your ad is good enough and is loved, it may go “viral” online like the two previous examples.

We can’t undermine the value of video marketing or advertising, because, at the end of the day, it is the quickest way to get to your targeted audience. Videos have been a part of our lives since the camera was invented, I mean who doesn’t enjoy going to the movies or watching a wedding video, that she missed for her friend or that game we wanted to see but missed between two teams we like. Videos get to the heart, and anything that reaches the people, and influences creates tremendous impact on business, simply because business at the end of the day is all about people, if you don’t understand people, then you don’t understand business.