Mobile Marketing & Advertising

Everything has come to us, into the palms of our hands and the information age along with laptops has come into our hands in the name of smartphones. Mobile marketing comes in two separate ways, one being the internet which is now accessible, on the phone or through SMS or text message a service that telecom networks now and those media agencies have access to. Mobile advertising is becoming more and more necessary which is why there is more interest in learning about mobile companies.

iphone VS Samsung Galaxy

This case presents as interesting, recently it has been on every tongue and this is to show how intense mobile business is. The fact that they’re fighting now over patents and trying to gain trust of new loyal customers or grab that of the competition, is immensely necessary, since the market is growing at breath taking rate. The iphone vs Galaxy amplifies how loyal customers and how hard companies are working for a piece of the pie and this reflects the necessity of mobile marketing. A mobile ad today is made as attractive as possible with emphasis on smartphone technical features and so on……

This also shows the importance of publicity, just looking at this example you can see how Samsung turned it around for their benefit. The marketing strategy was amazing, and to simplify the importance of marketing and publicity, just look at Apple after Jobs. This is a market to market through, everyone is competing in getting their smartphones in the hands of every man, woman and child alive through offers through retailers and telecom providers. Words tend not to sum up the importance of the mobile market, and then again you can just look around at the office, social gathering or when the family meets and start counting the smartphones that are in their hands, tally that up and you can get a percentage, and most of them are loyal followers and have text thumbs and text at the speed of light, and all navigate the social network.

Is mobile effective?

Well it is a methodology for marketing and an option certainly, but effective, the answer is a simple “yes”, since most people have these gadgets, these devices in their hands and seem to get more, and more attached. Don’t undermine technology and this one especially, I for one find it useful and entertaining especially when I am bored or have nothing to do. Everything comes in through it to me, my email, and the use of the social network and so on……

So opt for mobile marketing and advertising, I mean at the end of the day it’s the producers of these devices working to get them in everyone’s hands.