Facebook Ads

The revolution in the social networks presented a jump in modern marketing and how it is done, starting with Facebook, that ignited this revolution bringing about Facebook advertising through pages that represent products and/or services. This brought about social media marketing and Facebook ads vary and so does a Facebook campaign, and the results are different from company to company, depending on lots of factors from time of campaign, to amounts spent and targeted audience. Even if you were to try starting a campaign on your own with the desire to achieve tangible results, it may or may not work and that is where we come in to provide you with the best expert advice and run your campaign professionally through our highly experienced team.

At IMC – Digital we market online and through social networks in both professional and scientific methods, through our experience and the experience of our staff and the talent to ignite your Facebook campaign into and get you recognized through the most popular social media network, Facebook ads have been around since the beginning of this popular platform and there is no set code to achieve optimum results, and that is why at IMC – Digital we use our experience to create tangible results and recognition for your brand whether you provide a product or service or both. Facebook advertising is common today and it is equivalent to billboard advertising in the past or newspaper ads, you must have it because all your competition does, and its management is different from offline ads and results are generated differently.

A Facebook campaign gives you the ability to see how much your audience has interacted with you and from what region and results can be translated to become tangible using certain methodologies picked up through experience. Facebook ads are also useful because they appear when a certain search related to your product or service is done or if a friend who is a fan has liked your page, giving you exposure to people on his list of the desired target market. Facebook advertising is part of the digital media advertising and is one of many services provided to give you exposure online and our services at IMC-Digital vary from Search Engine Marketing - SEM , (SEO) Search Engine Optimization to viral videos online, all are forms of advertising online that can be used also for Facebook ads or a Facebook campaign.

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