Email Marketing & Advertising

So did the email replace the conventional mail? A question worth asking and the answer is both yes and no. There are reasons why conventional mail is still around and one of them is receiving tangible goods, or published work, but also it is used for purposes of the law, such as law suits and other related matter which confirms that the person received the mail, for purposes of the law. But since email came out, it caused a revolution, in speeds in which information is sent, from images, audio, and video files and that made our lives easier, drastically and now even the law accounts for email as evidence.

Since we have established the importance of email and the law and that it has changed our lives substantially, we will move to the business aspect of email and I am sure we have all had a problem with “spam” and this is unlawful advertisement of products or services, regardless of their nature, and by that I mean the content of the ads tend to be inappropriate, surely we’ve all received it at some point in our email accounts at some point in time.

Email Marketing isn’t SPAM

E-mail marketing and email advertising isn’t spam, and that is usually done through a service called email “shots”, and the process is that emails are gathered through certain sources, and narrowed down to the targeted segment, or group, age, location, gender and other details, since the internet taps on more than just that, such as internet surfing habits and so on, if the email is used on various networks such as social networks or blogging purposes etc...

With constant advances professionals have more advanced methodologies, like every trade, this too has its secrets, mostly media companies have email service related to business and some smaller businesses also provide it, but you don’t want to be handing yourself to anyone, usually a fully rounded media company provides the best service, because they also have a certain kind of clients that any customer approaching would desire, so money well spent in the right place is better than that wasted or saved with little or no results. The email business is only one of many methods of putting yourself out, and being heard since everything online you must charge your advertising online from every direction against the competition, from using the social media, marketing strategies through online media, or online ads and email marketing and advertising, in a world full of competition, compete to stand out.